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What are the maintenance points of LED flood lights?

What are the maintenance points of LED flood lights?

In theory, the service life of general outdoor lighting LED floodlights is two years, so many people think that the floodlights can only be used for two years, and need to be replaced after the time. But for many outdoor lighting equipment, often can use longer. To figure out this problem, you should first understand what determines the actual service life of LED floodlights.

The life of LED light source is about 50000 hours, but it can't reach the goal in practice. In order to save labor and materials, some users may have more or less materials during the installation process. If they do not install according to the manufacturer's instructions, they may also have unstable current output, light failure and other situations, resulting in serious reduction of lamp service life.

Electronic products are not like furniture accessories, but there are always failures in the use of electronic products. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the daily maintenance of LED floodlights. Usually, the floodlights used for outdoor lighting do not mean that they need to be installed without management. Only regular maintenance can make the use of lamps longer. So in the process of use, what are the key points of maintenance of LED floodlight?

For the LED projection lamp, it is a long-term outdoor, encounter strong wind and rainstorm are inevitable, if it is found that the projection angle of the lamp changes, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate illumination angle in time. Try to use the lamp according to the specifications and guidelines provided by the lamp manufacturer. For electronic products, it will not be guaranteed that it will not be damaged. If the lamp is found to be damaged, it shall be removed in time for maintenance or replacement.

For the floodlight, although it is in use, compared with the ordinary street lamp, its service life is long. If it is maintained regularly and well done, its service life will be longer. Many people don't pay attention to its maintenance, so it's easy to ignore some details, so its life is significantly reduced. It is very important to do well in maintenance, so as to give full play to its use value.


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