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Graphene LED intelligent road lamp, subversive scheme breaks through the bottleneck of smart city development

Graphene LED intelligent road lamp, subversive scheme breaks through the bottleneck of smart city development


With "rod" as the starting point, major cities embrace the arrival of the era of wisdom

As early as 2014, in the new urbanization plan (2014-2020 years), smart cities were listed as one of the three major goals of China's urban development. In 2016, the State Council issued the guidance on speeding up the work of "Internet + government services", which explicitly proposed the goal of accelerating the construction of new smart cities.
Since 2018, many provincial and municipal governments in China have formulated and issued urban development plans, action plans, etc. the time node is set between 2018 and 2020, and the contents all point to the development, promotion and application of 5g and Internet of things.
It is clearly proposed to promote the construction of "multi-functional pole", "one pole multi-purpose", "multi pole in one" and "smart light pole" to realize resource sharing and make a good basic data and business collaborative layout for the construction of smart city. From the first line to the second line, major cities are embracing the arrival of the era of wisdom with a new concept of development.

The pilot project of smart light pole has outstanding problems, and it is difficult to push forward on a large scale
With the construction of smart city and 5g rising to the national strategic height, smart light pole as an important carrier of smart city and 5g base station, under the pressure of 5g base station layout, the construction of smart light pole is particularly urgent. There is an upsurge of building hundreds of cities across the country, and there are endless pilot projects in major cities.
In the process of "practice" and "exploration" of the pilot project of smart light pole, some practical problems are also exposed, such as the complexity of the project, the huge cost, the numerous departments involved and the unclear operation mode, which make the smart light pole difficult in the process of large-scale promotion.
Nowadays, the intelligent lamp pole industry seems to be a "arena" with more and more enterprises entering the market. However, there are few enterprises that can truly meet the needs of wisdom and help the continuous upgrading of the intelligent lamp pole.
So, how to combine the smart light pole with the construction of smart city? How to effectively balance 5g development? Is there any other development path?

Graphene LED intelligent road lamp, subversive scheme to help the development of smart city
Based on the original road lamp resources, Mingshuo technology has successfully developed the graphene intelligent road lamp cap. Through the innovative application of graphene composite material invention patent technology in high-power urban LED street lamps, the volume and weight of the street lamp light source module is greatly reduced, a large amount of available space is saved in the lamp shell, and the integrated LED module, camera, IP broadcast and wireless single can be built in Lamp controller, Internet of things gateway, wireless AP function, etc.

Simply replacing the lamp holder can realize the transformation of intelligent street lamp and completely solve the difficulties of traditional street lamp transformation; through the built-in intelligent equipment and gateway, intelligent street lamp holder can realize the collection and analysis of road information, become the node of road video and Internet of things big data collection and calculation, and also the key entry of intelligent city management.

From the perspective of economy, security and unity, we can really tap the needs of users and provide a lower cost and higher efficiency holographic perception scheme for the construction of smart city.


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